destructive-dogs-emgn-6-2The dog

The behaviour of your dog disturbs you. You have probably already tried many things unsuccessfully.

Some examples:

  • Your dog barks all day long

  • Your dog destroys your shoes, shreds your socks or tears the carpet

  • He growls and bites. His behaviour is aggressive against you or other people

 As a dog behaviourist my role is to restore a better relationship between you and your dog. I shall come to your place to get an idea on a whole day of your dog.

For it 2 hours will be necessary.

 Dog training

As a dog trainer I can help you with basic obedience commands to advanced tricks.

Teaching your dog obedience is a necessity, your dog should learn to respond to the following basic commands: sit, drop, stay, heel, come.

The training will be made in a calm approach with respect for your dog.

 The cat

Cats misbehaviour can compromise the quality of life of all members of your household. Most of time the problems are the result of unmet needs and/ or unresolved physical problems.

 Are you looking for solution for…

  • Feline spraying, marking

  • Furniture damages because of scratching

  • Inconvenient miaowing

  • Feline aggression or biting

  • Litter box problems

 As a cat behaviourist I’ll work with you to resolve these issues and restore peace to your home. Like the dog I shall come to your place, to observe your cat in their home environment, to identify any possible stressors or triggers, are important in resolving cat behaviour problems. For it 2 hours will be necessary.